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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oil, The Liquid Gold

Over the weekend, we have been treated to another oil price adjustment, an upward adjustment that is. Petrol is now around PHP60/liter from your favorite pumping station. For sure, consumers' pockets will hurt furthermore and it seems the trend is not going anywhere but up. Some will invest in fuel-saving tricks which their poor automobiles are not designed to work with and in the process will really help shorten the lives of their vehicles and further hurt their budgets by having to "hospatalized" their workhorses more often than usual. Worse those who did some out-of-this-world fuel-saving techniques without doing any kind of upkeep in their rides, will surely find their way in scapyards sooner than the oldest, fittest Mercedes-Benz on the road.

On the other hand, rising fuel costs means lesser cars on the road. Fewer cars on the road means safer travel. Fewer cars on the road means less traffic. Less traffic on the road means BETTER FUEL CONSUMPTION, BETTER FUEL CONSUMPTION MEANS BETTER FUEL ECONOMY! And Mercedes-Benz, once again, will be more visible on the roads like the old days. And more Mercedes-Benzes on the road means better looking roads.

See, with fuel price rising there are less ignoramuses (or ignoramusi?) on the road which endangers the lives of other tax-paying motorists. These jerks just don't know how to use the roads properly.

With rising fuel prices, driving in the city is such a breeze. Exhilirating like it's never before in the outskirts of Metro Manila. How much more in the highways? Definitely, oil is the liquid gold.

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timo said...

sir nice columns you have.. and great benzos you have... could i know sir where do you have your cars be repaired? the talyer you go to with all benz..and euros...thanks sir please email me..