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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mercedes-Benz in Philippine Movies Part 2

I think the most popular Mercedes-Benz prop car in the Philippine cinema is the W123. It has been shot up, smashed, crashed or just sitting idly in one scene or used by main character in the movie. From our featured flick, this particular W123 is quite fortunate to have a megastar as its driver.

There was a time in the Philippine movie history where "canned" (not Cannes) film was the formula to go with. "Canned" films are normally all-in-one genre-confused roll of celluloid strip that could be a drama, comedy, action and even musical canned into one single title with no real sense of purpose as to why these kinds of film were produced to start with.

Presenting now is a historic flick entitled Jack En Jill. This your typical GLK (Gay, Lesbian Kingdom) movie which is an important element to force humor out of seemingly stupefying entry of corny heap gags. Definitely, I'm not going to pay for these kind of movies as it mocks the intelligence of its viewers but nonetheless there's a Mercedes-Benz in Jack En Jill to go with it. Now I beg your patience.

Our featured ride starts @ 3:26. Jack (Sharon Cuneta) became a substitute driver to his father (Panchito) which is Edu Manzano's personal driver. Sorry, but no FPJ-style car chase here. The megastar W123 here probably sports an AMG steering wheel, a black fiberglass front AMG-esque bumper, a rear black rubber spoiler, chrome trims against a Manila Beige finish. Most likely this W123 is still alive today and in the hands of an enthusiast with all those half-hearted, silly accessories gone (hopefully). From the looks of it this is probably a diesel automatic with captain seats for better nookies. By this film's standards, that W123 probably looks majestic in the eyes of the filmmaker but on-screen it sucks donkey balls.

All in all it's not surprising that this film was a box-office hit in its time, that W123 without doubt contributed to its stellar performance. Mabuhay ang Chedeng!

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