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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight and the Three Pointed Star

Imagine this, you're driving in one of Manila's beat up streets also known as Tungaw Central or Smegma Kid's Alley with your stately Black Mercedes-Benz, no air-con, analog radio, with elbow extended outside the window and then suddenly you're screamed at; "Hoy, Batman!" and kids abruptly stop playing and begin to chant "Batman! Batman! Batman!" to the rhythm of your engine's chugging. You're expecting this because you're driving a Heckflosse and you whispered "Bullet day, I will giant you, all of you!" in Filipino "Balang araw, maghihiganti ako sa inyong lahat!". And it turns out you become The Joker.

Sometimes it's quite painful. Of course, who wants to see his/her favorite marque blown up in her/his favorite movie? Just like Gotham City's Judge Cirillo's W210.

Anyway our favorite marque has been in an on-and-off affair with the man-who's-also-a-flying-rodent. Take for example the tasteful preference of his sidekick The Boy Wonder who sneaked out one of his Batmobiles, I mean Batbenz, to stroll out with friends which is based on Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR.

In one of the Teen Titans episode this poor chap ended up on its roof during a fun run thus activating the beacon and alarming Batman to go retrieve his Mercedes-Benz Batmobile errr Batbenz.

Now that the "Tumbler" is out of commission, thanks to Joker's shooting skills with the RPG. Speculation is hovering that our caped crusader ooops I mean The Dark Knight is in the market for a new ride and Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has been spotted driving the next Batbenz I mean the next Batmobile.

The SLR 722. Well, very ideal for fighting crime specially the organized ones. Hopefully, it's also ideal for fighting corruption. I think somebody has to warn Batman what to expect with the 722. First, somehow it should be Euro-4 but in filthy Gotham City that doesn't seem to care what Euro-4 is all about, Joker might prefer a clunkier and older muscle car. And if the Batbenz's Euro-4 goes titsup during the chase, well, good luck and fight another day.


Julian Herzog - CLK-GTR photo
AngMoKio - SLR 722 - CLK-GTR graphic

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