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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Too Busy These Days

A lot of stuff is keeping me from posting some thoughts about the Three-Pointed Star these days. And right now, I'll just post a real quick one. We are all aware of US-driven Global Financial Crisis that will going to ping like dominoes in all the shores of the world, but despite these crappy scare tactics and learning the hard lessons of just how much the world consumers are willing to pay for a barrel of oil (and these glorified jerks knew that people are smart enough to put a stop on buying when the smell of greed is all around), it is always safe to say that "all is well" in our part of the shore specially whenever a stately Mercedes-Benz breeze through our streets.

There's just a noticeable number of W124s plying around the Metropolis, not much W201s as compared against the BMW E30 (let's keep it that way), W123s of varying states some are eye candies and some are simply eyesores. Surprisingly, there are new S-Classes barreling down the roads as well which gives an investor a hint that our place has a very interesting market today. Another good sign to tell are pocket of enthusiasts mushrooming from different communities sharing their passion for the marque all purely for the fun and love of it sans strings.