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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Hate Makati

Rest assured the rest of the country will never be like that. Bumpy roads, traffic jams, stressful environment. Greenfield City is the best environment for locators and techno startups. Situated really farther south from Makati, the roadworks here is totally awesome for speed freaks like Bill, Steve and me.

From Susana Heights, Greenfield City is less than 10 mins. at varying speeds of 120~140kph depending on the road traffic, toll booth is right after Sta. Rosa Exit. From the toll booth is a spirited but not Sunday driving.



Preparing for my stress-relieving sprint.

Really now, "Ganito ba sa Makati ngayon?". While the rest of the country's roads are improving by global standards, Paseo De Roxas can't be even at par.


This place reminds me of Jurong Science Park, gloomy. But seeing other left-hand Euros eliminates the discomfort brought by that memory.


The difference between Greenfield City and Jurong Science Park is that here you don't need to worry about speed cops, you'll die here if you're not in control. That's quick justice.

Sa ibang bahagi ng bansa ganito, sana sa Makati ganito rin!

Do you believe it's a weekday?

Don't be carried away, we're still in the Philippines. It's just we're not in Makati.


It's not even a ghost town, just check the full parking space which tells me that the crowd here is of a different subculture who just hit a jackpot somewhere nearby and enjoying it while they kill me with envy.


I don't want to leave this place. But I promise I'll be back for more, for good.

At the horizon is the Philippines' second largest beer brewery, Asia Brewery

Klaudia, one of the most well-balanced car ever built in the world, is waiting for her two victims, both a Vios.