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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Enjoyed A Drive Lately?

It's been a year again since I have been driving in the streets of Metro Manila almost on a daily basis lately and if I'm not doing that I'm dozing off in one of the most modern buses plying EDSA and the South Side of the Metropolis. I would admit I'm not really keen in driving a "lesser" car anytime. Now I can relate how foreigners think of us as motorists in general. Anyway, here are few of my observations from the past twelve months of driving.


Smart Cars Are Mostly Driven By Dumb Drivers

New cars today contains a lot of acronyms that even someone with PhD can't catch up with. CVT, VVT, EFI, TDi, CDi etc. good enough to fill an alphabet soup. In the parking lot I can still see cars that are obviously equipped with backing sensors...and dented bumpers.

Cheap Motorcycles, Cheap Fuel

Obviously what's creating havoc in the streets of Metro today. Every morning, my breakfast will not be complete without an early morning news of an accident involving illegally tuned cheap motorcycle. Add it with fuel price spiraling downwards and you got a dangerous combination of a nincumpoop who can afford to buy fuel and ride like hell.

Can Drive But Can't Read

I really wonder how LTO is examining drivers these days. There's a nonsense on-the-spot drug test that barely deliver its purpose. To my little surprise, I still caught drivers who can't even tell a road sign written in alphabet means. Freight trucks that are not allowed to cross particular bridges still do the opposite with total disregard to the lives of others.


But so much for that. Driving in Metro Manila can become a stress reliever rather than stress giver, oftentimes the relief is coming from being even. And despite this Filipino immaturity to road safety there are times and I will tell when driving is truly a breeze, specially with a classic Mercedes-Benz.

It's Holiday

And you think bringing your Benz out is a good idea? Unless you want to unnecessarily stress an aging ride then go ahead. Rat racers think the same and holidays are like giant Pied Piper.

Shopwise P. Tamo

Going to Work

Filipinos love to cram. That's not rant, it's a fact. Work starts at 0830H most of them will leave home at 0700H to enjoy traffic jams. And the worst part, they will compare how bad traffic here than in any place in the world. Early birds catches the fastest worm. Early morning drives are the best time to drive listening to the engine's gentle hum at 80km/h and climbing.

Klaudia @ Shell Susana Hts.

Driving Home

The part I hate most is to mix with jerks on the road. And that is the time to go home and other drivers doesn't seem to have the intention of doing so. There are a couple of ways to deal with it; stay late in the office or leave on time not a minute late. In this way you'll enjoy the best drives the Metropolis can offer that any traffic-jam-brainwashed flip will keep on driving at snail pace despite a smooth and spacious road ahead, I'd say wake up that chap with a loud air horn. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Merry Mercedes Christmas To All

2008 has been a very interesting and rewarding. Patiently, Klaudia is being brought back in shape and has been stubbornly reliable. On my first anniversary of Mercedes-Benz ownership, it's PHP139,000 worth of spending upon checking her service records. Crazy as others may think on why someone would spend like that on something that can't be resold at a prime value. That is called the happiness money can't buy.


Bringing back to life dead and dying components in her are just some of the simple joys of having her around to take care of. Idling like a fairly new car, can still whip a nasty surprise to the people who thinks she's already old.

I took Klaudia because I believe in Mercedes-Benz's value proposition; Only a Mercedes can be at par with another Mercedes. It doesn't matter if others has higher horsepower, better tuned and well calibrated. The bottomline is Mercedes-Benz is what others want to be associated with.

W201 vs. E30

My Mercedes-Benz ownership was never about prestige or caprice. Contrary to what "practical" people have known, it's cheaper to maintain than a younger Honda Accord. With oil prices dropping, fuel cost is not a valid argument as of this writing. Just like any other car, a well-maintained Mercedes is a reliable Mercedes.

Wet Scene

Owning a Mercedes comes with great responsibility. If someone just want to get one for the looks and the pomp of it please just buy another car. A Mercedes deserves a much more responsible owner whether it's old or new.

And this Christmas, I'm glad that I got to save Klaudia and put her back on the road in the state that she truly deserves and more. And hopefully, she'll spend more years providing great driving experience for me and to the future generation of Mercedes-Benz lovers. Happy Benz Motoring this Christmas!